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ArchaeoSection is a simple tool for the translation and rotation of points measured on a section line, in order to make easier the section's drawing.


ArchaeoSection 0.1.2
New release is now available!

New release is similar to the last one, but has some important bug corrections and
a renewed csv export tool.



For now ArchaeoSection is available only for GNU-linux distributions. In future it will be released for Windows too.
Source code and debian package (optimized for ArcheOS) are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Source code: archaeosection-0.1.2.tar.gz
Debian package: archaeosection-0.1.2_i386.deb


python-qt4 (
python-pysqlite2 (
libspatialite2 (

Recommended packages:

qgis (
sqlitebrowser (


Old Releases:


Source code: archaeosection-0.1.tar.gz
Debian package: archaeosection-0.1_i386.deb


Source code: archaeosection-0.1.1.tar.gz
Debian package: archaeosection-0.1.1_i386.deb



Download a brief guide file: help.pdf



ArchaeoSection is optimized for ArcheOS 4 that is based on Debian Squeezy. It is the stable version of ArcheOS/Debian, but many libraries are a little bit old. In order to install ArchaeoSection in more recent versions of Debian or Ubuntu a small work-around is needed. You have to install manually dependecies python-qt4, python-pysqlite2 and libspatialite. If your libspatialite is libspatialite3 and not libspatialite2 you have to do a link in usr/lib from to


When you register coordinates in field work you have to measure the start point/picket of section line. The measure of the end point/picket of section line is not required but very reccomended for a more correct measure of the rotation angle.



1. Conference Presentations & Slides

Talk about ArchaeoSection in VII ARCHEOFOSS - Workshop Open Source, Free Software e Open Format nei processi di ricerca archeologica (Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano di Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, 12th-13th June 2012).
Download presentation here

2. Bibliography

Francisci D. 2013, ArchaeoSection: uno strumento "artigianale per il rilievo delle sezioni archeologiche, in ARCHEOFOSS. Free, Libre and Open Source Software e Open Format nei processi di ricerca archeologica, Atti del VII Workshop (Roma, 11-13 giugno 2012), a cura di Mirella Serlorenzi, «Archeologia e Calcolatori», Supplemento 4 , 2013, pp. 147-156. Download article here



The significance of ArchaeoSection's icon is clear: it's enough to observe a line of ants on a rough surface to have the natural example of an archaeological section displayed on horizontal plane.




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[24-07-2014] ArchaeoSection 0.1.2

New release with a renewed csv export tool.

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[19-02-2014] QGIS Archaeological Styles

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